Вы вернетесь
совершенно другими

Мы все очень разные, но мы счастливы, когда мы вместе.
Музыка делает нас свободными, бесстрашными, вдохновляет нас мечтать.
Твоя мечта, твое лето, твоя свобода, твоя музыка, твоя дорога в будущее.
Alfa Future People. Ты вернешься совершенно другим!

Where to live?

  • Alfa Campsite
  • Omega Campsite
  • Gamma campsite
  • Camper
  • Hotels

If you need an accomodation close to Alfa Future People entrance Alfa-camping is your choice. It is enclosed protected zone with developed infrastructure, which is the nearest to the festival area. There you can find food-courts, toilets paid shower-cabins with hot water and buy all required necessities. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the camping. One ticket permits you to pitch no more than 4 berth tent not larger than 4.5 x 3 m. A ticket holder could get wristbands equal in number to the quantity of tent berths.

Правила кемпингов


A 10-minute walk from the camping area we have arranged a convenient parking area. There you can leave your car safely and not to worry about any unpleasant surprises when you return. More information about parking will be available shortly. Follow the updates!


At the festival we have set check-rooms, where you can rent a locker to keep your personal things. Now you can truly relax and enjoy the music, being confident that you luggage is safe.

Useful tips

As the event is in the open air, we advise to bring insect repellent

We recommend bringing along gumboots and raincoats in case of unpredictable rain.

We also recommend not bringing expensive jewelry, just in case it is lost in the grass.

Our festival is more of a camping trip than a club party, so choose an appropiate outfit.  Better leave your disigner clothes and expensive jewellery at home.

100% sure that he was going to the festival? Then buy train tickets in advance

Try to find someone who will go to the festival from your city. This can be done in groups AFP on social networks.

If you are going to meet your friends on the festival we recommend you to study plan of the territory beforehand

Make sure than you have enough money on your credit card or bring along cash to make them into a cash machine at the festival.

Have a good sleep before the festival, but not during. The festival program is very intense and many activities will take place at night, so it's unlikely you'll be glad if oversleep something interesting.

Plan your festival days so as to obtain maximum enjoyment. To determine in advance what activities and performances you want to visit.

Watch your personal belongings. For a comfortable stay at the festival, be sure to rent a storage case.