Вы вернетесь
совершенно другими

Мы все очень разные, но мы счастливы, когда мы вместе.
Музыка делает нас свободными, бесстрашными, вдохновляет нас мечтать.
Твоя мечта, твое лето, твоя свобода, твоя музыка, твоя дорога в будущее.
Alfa Future People. Ты вернешься совершенно другим!

How to get there?

  • from Nizhniy Novgorod
  • from Moscow
  • from Saint-Petersburg
  • camper
  • by private car
  • water transport

Schedule of trains

The best option for people who appreciate comfort and time is staying in a hotel or hostel in Nizhny Novgorod, with further transfer to AFP by train.

In 2017 a unique AFP-ticket will be developed for the guests of the festival. It provides you an opportunity to ride an unlimited number of times Nizhny Novgorod (Moscow railway station) – B. Kozino – Nizhniy Novgorod (Moscow railway station) by train. Buy it on our website or in the ticket office at the Moscow station of Nizhniy Novgorod from 20 may 2017.

The AFP-ticket fare is 298 rubbles.

30 min

The average train interval

35 min

The travel time from Nizhniy Novgorod (Moscow railway station) to B. Kozino

> 2.5 h

It takes you more than 2.5 hours to go to the festival by car in rush hours

How to use AFP-ticket:

You must have an ID card with you to pass the ticket identification procedure of the ticket and to verify the legality of its usage.

Printed AFP-ticket have to be shown to the conductor if required and attached to the turnstile for access to the train platform.

The AFP-ticket is forbidden to copy and to distribute copies to third parties. Unique identifier (bar code) on the ticket gives You the right to travel. The presentation of your ticket by third parties will deprive you of the right to travel.

The cost of this e-ticket can be returned only in the case of cancellation, replacement or postponing of the event. The cost of the service or other additional charges are not refundable. The terms of the offer can be found on the AFP website afp.ru. These rules are not an offer.

Terms of commuter train service.

Where to live?

  • Alfa Campsite
  • Omega Campsite
  • Gamma campsite
  • Camper
  • Hotels

If you need an accomodation close to Alfa Future People entrance Alfa-camping is your choice. It is enclosed protected zone with developed infrastructure, which is the nearest to the festival area. There you can find food-courts, toilets paid shower-cabins with hot water and buy all required necessities. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the camping. One ticket permits you to pitch no more than 4 berth tent not larger than 4.5 x 3 m. A ticket holder could get wristbands equal in number to the quantity of tent berths.

Правила кемпингов


A 10-minute walk from the camping area we have arranged a convenient parking area. There you can leave your car safely and not to worry about any unpleasant surprises when you return. More information about parking will be available shortly. Follow the updates!


At the festival we have set check-rooms, where you can rent a locker to keep your personal things. Now you can truly relax and enjoy the music, being confident that you luggage is safe.

Food Court

At such a huge event as ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE even food-court, situated in the field-center, boggles the mind by its grand scale, comparable to Olympic venues. Just for three days during the festival last year there were eaten more than 10 tones of food and drunk about 30 thousands of beer.
Papa Johns

The truck of Papa John's is unique because of the fact that its equipment reproduces the kitchen restaurant in miniature, allowing them to bake the pizza on the spot and serve it hot. Legendary American pizza is now available in many places.

Burger Heroes

Officially Moscow's best burgers-2016 (according to the readers of Afisha Daily). The perfect balance of price and quality. "Black Mamba" is the hit in this Burger truck. This Burger won the hearts of many fans of street food.


Gyros for Heroes is a traditional Greek cuisine, adapted to convenient city format. The main course is a signature Greek gyros: chicken in pita bread with a yogurt tzatziki, fresh vegetables and fries.


The Company "Stardog!s" works in the market of public catering of Russia since 1993. The company specialized on selling high quality hot dogs and sandwiches. Chain "Stardog!s" in Russia includes 813 points of sales.


Wokker – is a truck with an adapted pan-Asian cuisine, which is prepared exclusively in a traditional Chinese frying pans "wok". All of the dishes are freshly prepared, it is easier to describe the concept of this truck with the words "fast & fresh".

Чешско место

Simple meals with a clear taste. Famous Goodies, Vaclavske sausages, goulash-soup in a bread loaf and, of course, traditional Czech pastries - trdelnik with cinnamon and vanilla. You can try it all in this interesting truck.

Ginza FoodFurgon

The truck from the famous restaurant holding "Ginza Project". This truck is one of the largest in Russia. Due to such dimensions, there are a great number of different equipments, that allows to cook a variety of dishes.

Homemade Lemonade

Homemade Lemonade is a bar on wheels with natural homemade lemonade and accidentally teas. Factory of home soft drinks preparing concentrates for soft drinks only from 100% natural ingredients.

Squirrel Arrow

The truck Squirrel Arrow – is a Moscow project of truck, nursing by three types of rolls. In this van not only a fan of meat and chicken, but vegetarian will be able to quench hunger. You can always try a hot roll with chicken or beef.

Useful tips

As the event is in the open air, we advise to bring insect repellent

We recommend bringing along gumboots and raincoats in case of unpredictable rain.

We also recommend not bringing expensive jewelry, just in case it is lost in the grass.

Our festival is more of a camping trip than a club party, so choose an appropiate outfit.  Better leave your disigner clothes and expensive jewellery at home.

100% sure that he was going to the festival? Then buy train tickets in advance

Try to find someone who will go to the festival from your city. This can be done in groups AFP on social networks.

If you are going to meet your friends on the festival we recommend you to study plan of the territory beforehand

Make sure than you have enough money on your credit card or bring along cash to make them into a cash machine at the festival.

Have a good sleep before the festival, but not during. The festival program is very intense and many activities will take place at night, so it's unlikely you'll be glad if oversleep something interesting.

Plan your festival days so as to obtain maximum enjoyment. To determine in advance what activities and performances you want to visit.

Watch your personal belongings. For a comfortable stay at the festival, be sure to rent a storage case.