Alfa future people 2017

  • Alfa Bank

    Alpha Bank, founded in 1990, is a multipurpose Bank performing all the main types of financial transactions, including individuals and businesses service, investment banking, trade financing and asset management.

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  • Beeline

    PJSC "VimpelCom" ("Beeline" brand ) will be the technological partner of the festival ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE. We have done our best to ensure that you can always stay in touch and share experiences, vivid photos and videos in social networks.

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  • MasterCard

    Mastercard is a technology company and a leader in the global payments industry. We manage the worlds fastest network payment processing that connects consumers, financial institutions, trade organizations, governmental and business structures in over 210 countries and territories. Products and solutions, provided by Mastercard, allow you to tackle everyday issues such as shopping, travel and manage assets easier, safer and more efficient.

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  • Miller

    Being an expert in night life, Miller presents its own dance scene Miller Future Music on the main Russian festival of music and technology Alfa Future People. Interactive techno dance floor will be dedicated to the main heroes of the music of the future and will add the atmosphere of the Berlin clubs and the underground. A global experiment to create your own dance track, affecting the sound and groove of the endless music created by artificial intelligence, will be conducted with our guests.

  • Mentos

    Mentos is a global brand, available in more than 150 countries. In Russia the brand has been presented since 1994. This is a kind of cult for a whole generation of young people! Line of products are unique Mentos gum and jelly beans of various flavors. The brand is well known to Russian customers, thanks to its bright and unusual advertising campaigns. Mentos is a partner of the festival ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE.

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  • Casa Musica

    Casa Musica is a unique international music project and also the alternative scene of AFP. The line up of CasaMusica isn't only world-famous musicians, but,which is more important, they are artists, whose music corresponds new to Russia dance music style – The Sound of Rum, which will destroy borders of various music styles and will unite fans of good music. This summer Bacardi and Universal Music will present The Sound of Rum in few Western-European countries. More information about the project on Casamusica.me

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    K_PLAYER* is a community for people who have got used to be ahead of others and creates their own future. K_PLAYER unites like-minded people and allows them to be aware of the latest trends. Here we publish the latest events and news from the world of music, design, contemporary art and technology.

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  • Volkswagen

    Volkswagen is a German automobile Brand, founding and namesake member of the VOLKSWAGEN AG. Polo, Jetta and Tiguan are the bestsellers on the Russian market. These models are being produced in Russia and show the best results in comparative tests in their classes. Such models as Touareg and legendary Passat are also popular in Russia. Volkswagen sales results in 2017 have been increasing by 15%, which makes Volkswagen one of the most popular European brands in Russia nowadays.

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  • BURN

    BURN is unique energy blend with a smooth, refreshing flavour that will fuel your fire. As an expert in the world of nightlife BURN acts as a partner to a great number of local and global events, devoted to modern electronic music and contemporary street art. Artists, Musicians, Athletes, Creators knows what it take to Light it up. Crack open a can of BURN Energy, and you will too!

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  • Borjomi

    Borjomi is a brand of naturally carbonated mineral water from springs in the Borjomi Gorge of central Georgia. Borjomi is a water of volcanic origin which is over 1,500 years old. It is pushed up to the surface from 1500m below ground by natural carbon dioxide pressure. Has a unique complex of 60 minerals of volcanic origin. Borjomi comes in glass bottle sizes of 0.33 and 0.5 litres and plastic bottle sizes of 0.5 litre and 1 litres. Both types of bottles are screw-capped. The world-famous mineral water Borjomi can be bought in all the major commercial networks on the Federal and regional levels.

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  • PlayStation

    PlayStation is a well-known leading brand in interactive entertainment industry. There are several high-end devices available today including an updated PlayStation 4 (PS4), a powerful PS4 Pro console with 4K resolution support and a virtual reality headset PS VR which provides a new level of game experience. PS4 platform offers not only the best in genre games but also and outstanding exclusives from world’s leading developers including Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Bloodborne, etc.

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    United Card Services (UCS) - Joint Stock Company "United Card Service" - Russia's largest independent processing company, serving about 20% of the turnover on transactions by holders of international and local payment cards in Russia. The company provides services for issuing and acquiring cards of major international payment systems - VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, of the national payment system "World", as well as local non-bank cards trade and service enterprises. Customers include more than 50 thousand trade and service companies and 140 Russian and foreign banks. UCS Company has 31 regional offices in major cities of Russia.

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  • BeepCar

    BeepCar — a new service of ridesharing. On BeepCar drivers offer empty seats in cars, and passengers looking for a passing car. In the joint travel companions share the cost of petrol — its cheaper both for drivers and passengers. Travel with BeepCar and save on your costs. We care about users: provide insurance for travel time, actively improve the search, readily answer the questions – our attitude makes BeepCar the most convenient platform for searching travelers. Each trip with BeepCar — the opportunity to meet with a new person, save and take care of nature! BeepCar — the official companion of AFP

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  • FOCO

    FOCO is a natural coconut water, healthy drinks with coconut water and exotic nectars. This water was created by nature, we just packed it correctly. Coconut water is a 100% healthy drink which helps your body to be younger, your skin — healthier, your mood — more cheerful, and it helps you to recover after physical activity. FOCO is not only healthy, it’s also trendy. If you want to try it, then AFP will be the best place to do it!

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    SPLAT – is a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative professional products for oral care preparations. For 16 years a dynamic family company, took more than 17% of the volume of the Russian market and exported to more than 55 countries. Specialization of SPLAT is the creation of a quality products in the categories of care for the oral cavity for children and adults, eco-friendly home care products, natural cosmetics with organic ingredients for babies and moms, and hair care based on marine algae, amino acids and wheat protein.

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  • ТНТ Music

    TNT Music - Music channel, broadcasting only high-quality and popular music, entertainment programs and music charts, as well as the latest news from the world of music, movies and sports. The TNT MUSIC available throughout Russia on the website tntmusic.ru and in mobile app TNT MUSIC.

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  • RBC

    RBC ("PAO RBC") - a leading Russian media holding, leader in news and business media as well as in the segment of domain registration and hosting. History has more than 20 years. RBC presented on multiple platforms - online, on TV and in the press; developing media services for businesses, as well as hosting and domain registration services (group company RU-CENTER Group)

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  • Europe plus

    Radio No. 1 in Russia and the largest network of music stations in Russia and the CIS. Europe Plus is choosen by 10.4 million listeners daily, and its weekly audience is around 24 million people. Europe Plus is a quality popular music.

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  • WDay

    a WEB-portal Womans Day – Everything women want is on WDay.ru. Follow the stars news, fashion and beauty trends, read horoscopes, find delicious easy recipes, tests and participate in competitions with exclusive prizes. Search for interesting events in your city and for inspiration on Womans Day!

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    MAXIM - the most popular media brand in Russia for men, combining log, www.maximonline.ru site, mobile and Smart TV applications. MAXIM - is all you need to know here and now!

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    Cosmopolitan - women's magazine №1 in Russia. In 2005, Cosmopolitan has entered the Guinness Book of records as the magazine selling the largest number of copies (over 1 000 000) in Russia and Europe — and its audience continues to grow. Today, Cosmo — more than just a magazine, it has become a lifestyle. Cosmo girl is young, independent and energetic, chooses her life and succeeds.

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  • Life Line

    Set up over thirteen years ago, the «Life Line» Charity Foundation helps children, under 18 years old, with severe conditions such as congenital heart defect, irregular heartbeat, congenital cerebrovascular abnormalities and severe scoliosis spine deformities. The charity helps raise funds to pay for hitech operations and to purchase high-ticket special medical instruments that guarantee every single child either a significant improvement in the standard of life or complete recovery. Since its inception, «Life Line» has saving 9,530-odd severely ill children, who have managed to return to healthy, normal lives. This was due to the good will of caring people — the donations from dozens of Russian companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals. The funds raised by « Life Line» are fully spent on the treatment of children across Russia.

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  • FRII

    FRII - is the most active venture Fond in Europe that helps young entrepreneurs and IT-professionals to upgrade their start-up projects and run cool technological projects on the basis of advanced technologies - from the Internet of things and virtual reality to artificial intelligence and "big data". FRII invests in start-up projects from 2 to 325 million rubles. The main goal of FRII is to create a comfortable business environment for all the beginners IT-entrepreneurs in Russia.

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  • Ticket4.biz

    Professional ticket platform for managers, artists and ticket operators. A unique combination of price, reliability and flexibility. The platform provides the whole cycle of management of the project tickets.

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  • MF-group

    MF Group – the largest company in Russia and Eastern Europe involved in the technical support and organization of events. MF Group implements the stage installation at the festival Alfa Future People.

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  • D-construction

    D-construction – decorative workshops involved in the manufacturing of decorative design for different projects. A private manufacturing area, where several departments constantly operate. A complete cycle of works takes place there: from developing an idea to its implementation. The company fulfills the creation of the design concept, manufacturing and installation the Main stage of the Festival.

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  • Zheleznikov & partners

    Alfa Future People 2017 will be held with the legal assistance of the Bar Association "Zheleznikov & partners". Lawyers of the "Zheleznikov & partners" specialize in the resolution of complex legal problems.

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