General rules

  • Media accreditation for events on Alfa Future People will be from June 15 to July 20, 2019.
  • The request should include the name of the media, journalists ' names, editors' and correspondents' mobile numbers, a list of equipment for photographers (film crews), radio journalists (correspondents), links to the published announcements and the release date of the report. Accreditation is on the basis of at least three announcements of the event. The announcements should contain exact information about the place and date of the event.
  • The publications that attended the event, but did not release a report within a month from the end of the festival, get into the black list.
  • The is considered to be accredited only if you received a written confirmation from the staff of Alfa Future People or Future Communications Agency.
  • The magazine is accredited if you get a written confirmation from the staff of Alfa Future People or Future Communications Agency.
  • All applications for interviews are accepted till July 16 on a completed form.

Email for applications: press@afp.ru

Print media

Alfa Future People accredits magazines with a circulation of at least 50,000 copies. The announcement should be illustrated for at least 1/4 of the page and should be released not less than two weeks before the event. One reporter and/or photographer from one magazine.


Shooting groups are accredited on the basis of the aired announcement. The announce must be aired at least one week before the event. There should be no more than three people (correspondent-operator-assistants) in the shooting groups. The applications for accreditation are accepted only on the letterhead of the channel, with the channel seal from the official mail of the channel.


Radio journalists are accredited to the festival on the basis of the announcement, aired at least a week before the event. The announcement should be sent in mp3 format to the accreditation officer. Only one correspondent is accredited from the radio stations.

Online media

The event announcement should be published on the website and posted on the main page for at least three days, the link should be sent in the application for accreditation. From online resource can be accredited one reporter and/or photographer. Site attendance should be at least 20,000 unique visitors per day.