Alfa fit zone

5lb will select the people of the future at Alfa Fit Zone

In this area will be held Feat Quest, which will determine which of the visitors of AFP is worthy of the title of future man - sportive, smart, agile, fast and strong.

To participate in the quest will bring together several teams, the captain of each team will be a famous athlete or blogger, competitions will also be held by sports celebrities.

The participant will need to pass a number of tests - from physical to intellectual.

Taking part at the competition, fitcoins will be given to each participant, which can then be exchanged for sports goods and food at the 5lb tent.

In addition to the quest, at Alfa Fit Zone all visitors will find a number of other equally interesting activities:

  • - fitness training, yoga on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • - open training with champions
  • - photo sessions with celebrities
  • - fit-party with fitness-DJ and a free fitness cocktails
  • - creative sports body art
  • - sports competitions with the audience
  • - free tasting of energy and isotonic drinks

And much more!