Технологии & Арт

AFP - is a festival of tomorrow, and tomorrow is all about innovations. Last year leading technology companies brought their latest innovations to the festival and gave our guests a chance to test the incredible gadgets.

In the interactive zone everybody had an opportunity to dicover the up-to-date technology: with the help of virtual reality glasses one could immerse into a unique fantastical world, some took part in masterclasses in how to create three-dimensional objects, and a few lucky ones even gained prizes, that were made for the winners on one of the latest 3D printers.

In the transport zone guests of the festival could find information about modern modes of transport, sit behind the wheel of an electrocar and learn to drive several kinds of electric scooters. An impressive show with a Tesla coil, creating real lightnings, let the spectators appreciate the true value of electricity.

Robots, symbols of the future, became the most discussed and photographed objects. Everyone wanted to have a picture with one of our transformers or talk to a "living" robotron.


In 2015 you'll see completely different technologies and the updated versions of gadgets presented last year. Fabulous scooters, unusual technological fashion, "tame" robots and amazing cars, as well as interactive attractions and a gadget show that will blow your mind - all coming this July!

Партнеры зоны технологий